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Our tool helps in generating reports and analyzing businesses for mergers, acquisitions and carve-out transactions for profitability

PMI and M&A

The process of unifying two entities and their assets, people, tasks and resources in a manner that creates the most value for the future of the enterprise by realizing efficiencies and synergies.


Managing the merger of two companies is no more a painstaking task. Our tool controls the post-merger integration smoothly. It has an organized framework for successful Post-Merger Integration (PMI) management which has already helped many of our customers capture 10% more value from M&A deals. The tool maintains the momentum of the ongoing trades and aligns the organization by bringing together the structure, culture and management to drive the new company and uses collective capabilities of the new team to advance the new company’s advanced position. It aids to set the direction, capture the value of the company and build a strong organization.


Carve Outs

With this transaction management can maintain the sale of a subsidiary, division or other smaller part of a larger business enterprise without impact the other chunks of business.

Carve Outs

The process of Carve-outs involves immense strategic planning, operational preparation and financial investments. The Cat4 tool creates a tailored carve-out assessment to support the management’s decision-making as per the business needs. It enables cost-effective carve-outs with maximized value impact by formulating the asset worth and developing a complete carve-out design summary within the stipulated time period.

Private Equity Deals

The ability to source a sufficient volume of high-quality investment opportunities is key, and an ability to identify and connect with target companies before competitors is a major differentiator.

Equity Deals

Our robust tool empowers private equity deals, management proficiently and certifies consistent procedures are followed across all transactions. It offers flexibility to configure a customizable deal flow and provides multiple collaborative features that allow the organization to stay on top of all the deals and emphasize making the best investment decisions possible. It also performs real-time scrutiny of the data to generate comprehensive reports.


IPO readiness

Such kind of reporting will help in IPO readiness — that your company has the governance, financial reporting and internal processes in place to meet the regulatory requirements to sell shares of their stock to the public.

IPO Readiness

Formulating the organization for a successful IPO is a huge responsibility. Our tool helps streamline the process by selecting the correct service model for the company’s stock plan, assists in defining an internal and external communication plan for employees, investors & auditors and develops the best ESPP (Employee Share Purchase Plan) plan for the concerned organization.

Multi Project Management

Every project is an investment that simply means an opportunity to make profit that cannot be missed. It is initiated quickly, but quickly fizzles out in day-to-day business if not planned and executed and coordinated well.

Cost savings Program

Restructuring/reorganization programs are about short- and medium-term improvement of the earnings situation. For this purpose, the necessary improvements in results are first determined top-down by checking the company's own medium-term planning for validity and comparing it with the desired target result.

Internal Organization

Internal controls are the specific functions developed to safeguard and protect various business operations and the information produced in each department. We have ACM (Access Control Management) to restrict users to a specific location within the flow of the system.

Time card Management

A time card, also called a timesheet, is a method for recording and tracking the amount of an employee's time spent on each job. A time card improves project execution, decision-making and compliance with labor and government regulations. This facilitates the time card users to report and track their assignments.

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