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Multi Project Management

Even in medium-sized companies, there are usually more than 50 projects that occupy the employees of an organization at the same time. In large companies, there are several hundred projects. Every project is an investment that is initiated quickly, but quickly fizzles out in day-to-day business.

A coordinated process for planning and controlling the project landscape ensures that only worthwhile projects are started, that the momentum of ongoing projects is maintained, that employees are not overburdened and that the predicted benefits of the projects are also claimed.

Portfolio Management

Summary of projects into portfolios, bottleneck-oriented portfolio optimization, portfolio evaluations.


It is a systematic workflow to better coordinate ongoing projects and processes with transparency and clarity. It helps in better functioning by organizing and tracking task priorities of cross-functional teams across the organization. Cat4 tool helps you to be on top of your project goals by providing easy and quick visualization of the progress across initiatives for all stakeholders.


Project Descriptions

Project templates, project profiles for recording, description, deadlines, resources, costs, benefits, budget planning & financing


An overview of the details of the project at hand in a structured format covering all the stages and aspects involved in the project. It outlines the issues, objectives along with the plan in the project lifecycle highlighting the tasks and responsibilities owned by each member in the team. The preparation of the project description is considered one of the key responsibilities of the project manager. One should keep in mind the following points while drafting “project descriptions”

The scope and purpose of the project should be clear

Usage of simple words to describe the project without omitting key points

The document should have a snapshot of all the necessary activities for clear understanding of the team

It should be crisp, informative and easy to comprehend

Phase Gate processes

Predefined and customizable phase concepts, mandatory fields and plausibility check for phase transitions, documentation of decisions

Phase process

Phase Gate Process is a methodology in project management where a project is divided into distinct phases separated by different decision points. Cat4 tool creates seamless transitions at the cusp of each phase. At each gate continuity is decided by the steering committee or manager. This decision is based on the forecast information provided at the available time, business case and risk analysis. With Cat4 this information can be fetched and visualized to attain a positive return than a risk for future decisions.


Investment Planning

Factors that have been identified by investors include growth vs. value, market capitalization, credit rating, and stock price volatility.


Investment Planning is the most crucial aspect in the lifecycle of successful project management. It helps in determining costs (both short-term and long-term) involved at every phase of the project, thereby reducing the financial risk, approximating profits and also planning for unforeseen costs. Cat4 tool has all the necessary components of a good investment plan and helps you choose the correct approach — Top-down approach (the total cost is known before the project begins) or Bottom-up approach (estimating how much every phase of the project will cost and then summing up to determine the total) according to your project requirement.

Status Reporting

Automatic traffic lights for deadlines, costs, benefits, time recording & earned value analysis, CMS project import/export, reports in PowerPoint.


In project management, status reporting refers to the regular preparation of the report on the progress of the project compared against the original project plan set at the beginning. It helps in providing efficient and effective status updates to all stakeholders at any given point in time or stage of the project — on the progress, cost, risk, time taken for a task and the amount of deliverables left to complete the project. It also serves as a documented history of the project. Cat4 tool expedites all the important reporting process involved in Status Reporting i.e Plans, Progress and Problems thereby helping attain strategic reporting at fingertips.


Cost savings Program

Restructuring/reorganization programs are about short- and medium-term improvement of the earnings situation. For this purpose, the necessary improvements in results are first determined top-down by checking the company's own medium-term planning for validity and comparing it with the desired target result.

Internal Organization

Internal controls are the specific functions developed to safeguard and protect various business operations and the information produced in each department. We have ACM (Access Control Management) to restrict users to a specific location within the flow of the system.


Our tool helps in generating reports and analyzing businesses for mergers, acquisitions, and carve-out transactions for profitability. Transactional process is aimed solely on driving the members to achieve the project goal within project constraints (budget, timelines, etc.). Also, focuses on finding the optimum path to achieving business value during the project.

Time card Management

A time card, also called a timesheet, is a method for recording and tracking the amount of an employee's time spent on each job. A time card improves project execution, decision-making and compliance with labor and government regulations. This facilitates the time card users to report and track their assignments.

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