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Internal controls are the specific functions developed to safeguard and protect various business operations and the information produced in each department. We have ACM (Access Control Management) to restrict users to a specific location within the flow of the system.

To name a few processes related to this:

Sales Funnels

To reveal a business strength and gaps assessment, 5 stages are needed — Awareness, Interest, Decision, Evaluation and Action


Preparing and managing a powerful sales pipeline is now easy with the Cat4 tool. It provides you with a view of the different stages (qualification, meeting, proposal, contract signed) in the sales pipeline. It represents the varying levels of engagement that the leads go through in a sales lifecycle. Cat4 tool has the following features — continuous tracking, progress mapping and stage management which help you have a streamlined sales funnel by giving you a complete visualization of your deal flow (the prospect records in the list, scrum, or Kanban format) in one place. It significantly boosts the outcome of the sales funnels for our clients


Order Management

To know and evaluate sales in a business, it should have an order management system. It directly impacts how the customer perceives a business or a brand. It has fulfilment optimization.


Order management has now become a cakewalk with Cataligent India’s Cat4 software tool. The automation of the order fulfillment processes (order acceptance to delivery, capturing, handling, and processing sales orders) permits businesses to manage sales more effectively. Cat4 tool includes billing, credit checks, payment processing, and tracking, purchase order generation, delivery preferences, and delivery tracking, trend analytics, and other order management analytics. It helps an organization to better manage its supply and demand, inventory, and customer service.

Task Management

Tasks with timelines will lead to successful project management with correct ACM assigned.


One-stop solution for managing all your task management needs. Cat4 tool helps orchestrate daily tasks and strategic initiatives now more efficiently. It has a great customizable structure which provides complete flexibility in the prioritization of the task, time, and task tracking. Our tool is easy to comprehend and has multiple views — Kanban, list, calendar, Table, and Gantt to choose from. It also gives you a board overview highlighting the tasks the team is working on.


Resource Management

Allocating people, planning technology and money is key to the success of any management.


Cat4 tool is the best tool that provides you with a bird’s eye view of the organization’s resources. It helps understand each team member’s workload & availability better and helps in improved functioning of all units and their capacity planning. It provides cost-effective solutions in the management of staff and tasks, resource utilization, collaborative working, accounting, business intelligence, and managing any sort of risk. It helps create a realistic schedule, resolve resource conflicts, avoid resources staying idle, and gives clarity on when to hire a new employee

Progress Tracking

A real-time visual representation of tasks, sales and project is important to have control on the project.


The Cat4 tool essentially helps with the progress tracking of each task of each project in an organizational unit, thereby keeping the project on schedule and within the decided budget. This robust tool helps you create clear and measurable goals, support transparency, and track time, cost, and tasks. With the “View Progress” in a real-time dashboard, you can constantly monitor and calculate various project key performance indicators in the form of easy-to-read graphs and charts.


Multi Project Management

Every project is an investment that simply means an opportunity to make profit that cannot be missed. It is initiated quickly, but quickly fizzles out in day-to-day business if not planned and executed and coordinated well.

Cost savings Program

Restructuring/reorganization programs are about short- and medium-term improvement of the earnings situation. For this purpose, the necessary improvements in results are first determined top-down by checking the company's own medium-term planning for validity and comparing it with the desired target result.


Our tool helps in generating reports and analyzing businesses for mergers, acquisitions, and carve-out transactions for profitability. Transactional process is aimed solely on driving the members to achieve the project goal within project constraints (budget, timelines, etc.). Also, focuses on finding the optimum path to achieving business value during the project.

Time card Management

A time card, also called a timesheet, is a method for recording and tracking the amount of an employee's time spent on each job. A time card improves project execution, decision-making and compliance with labor and government regulations. This facilitates the time card users to report and track their assignments.

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