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Cataligent Project Management Tool focuses on the complete project plan, like business requirements, project objectives, scope statements, scheduling, tasks assignment, resource planning, financials, risk management, quality assurance plan, communication plans, ensuring process excellence around variables that determine the quality of the deliverables of the project: scope, cost, time, and efficacy.

Our tool can be enhanced in multidimensional ways as per the client's need. We at Cataligent understand the need of our customer and our unique features helps them to reach their goals with efficacy.

Customizable Reports and Dashboards.

The customization will be focused around the problem statement of the customer.

Alternate Views with Role-based access concept for data for dashboards.

To adjust the Process with discipline as to optimize with set of parameters without violating constraints we have Process Optimization.

To evaluate the success of the project or organization measure key Performance Indicator (KPIs)

Aggregated Portfolio or Project report.

Process flow with approvals of senior management is included in the workflow.

Log file: Actions that involve change will be recorded by log mechanism.

Setting up goals, objectives, and Procedures to make company more competitive we have Strategic Management.

To know how company has or can split their share with their respective ownership Shareholder structure is available with our tool.

Multi Project Management

Every project is an investment that simply means an opportunity to make profit that cannot be missed. It is initiated quickly, but quickly fizzles out in day-to-day business if not planned and executed and coordinated well.

Cost savings Program

Restructuring/reorganization programs are about short- and medium-term improvement of the earnings situation. For this purpose, the necessary improvements in results are first determined top-down by checking the company's own medium-term planning for validity and comparing it with the desired target result.

Internal Organization

Internal controls are the specific functions developed to safeguard and protect various business operations and the information produced in each department. We have ACM (Access Control Management) to restrict users to a specific location within the flow of the system.


Our tool helps in generating reports and analyzing businesses for mergers, acquisitions, and carve-out transactions for profitability. Transactional process is aimed solely on driving the members to achieve the project goal within project constraints (budget, timelines, etc.). Also, focuses on finding the optimum path to achieving business value during the project.

Time card Management

A time card, also called a timesheet, is a method for recording and tracking the amount of an employee's time spent on each job. A time card improves project execution, decision-making and compliance with labor and government regulations. This facilitates the time card users to report and track their assignments.

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