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Cataligent is one of the leading providers of web-based software for controlling projects. Since the last 20 years, we have accrued several happy clients. We are headquartered in Dusseldorf (Germany), with another office in Cologne (Germany), and one in Noida (India).
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Why Us ?

Cataligent tool, Cat4 is ready to use extremely quickly!

Cat4 is up and running within two weeks and is characterized by its intuitive usability. After only 2 hours of training, users can handle the system.


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Stay Organized and Connected

It is the most motivated software app that will not only increase the productivity of every person in this organization but also help businesses profit.

Standard Software CAT4

Cataligent has developed this considering the fact that it can be enhanced in multidimensional ways as per the client’s need. Our software service delivery model will either host the application or using its own servers or on Premise for client. To organize and streamline the workflows, we developed our tool keeping the productivity, goal, and security in mind that has better holistic understanding of Business.

Customized Development based on the Standard Software CAT4

Customers usually need different visualizations and reporting systems as per they need. Also, many times it is important to customize detailing or developing new features to suit customer's need. Customizing Cat4 tool is doable and can be done in a few days after consulting the customer.


We are always interested in exchanging innovative ideas with new partners and working together to develop new solutions for our customers. We are proactively working with our customers and engaging them to come up with innovative ideas for the betterment of the process. Our key areas to focus along with Client's Goal as Priority while consulting the tool to customize


OUR Focus

CAT4 focuses and has the vision to be your North Star to reach your goals. With our Project Management Tool, we emphasize vision so our customers would reach their goals successfully.

CAT4 tool can be used with targets in mind to reach certain goals of our customers which are :



We construct our tool, that is Module and service with superior planning and scheduling for gradual growth of the client’s project.


Our target is to create seamless and transparent process for our client as it makes easy to take decisions.


Our strategy to customize our tool will be around the client’s goals and objectives. We at CAT4 understand the objectives of customer's goals. Subsequently, customers can get relevant modules from our tool, that will support them in achieving their goals. We target to assist our customers with determination in their subject such as:

To gain a Strategic understanding of company goals and implement similar initiatives.

Manage the expectations of Stakeholders.

Improving Productivity and Performance.

Achieving Project Objectives with given constraints.

Stay ahead in advance to be Proactive in mitigation and Risks.

Maximizing the Contribution of the team.


Stay Organized and Connected

Our tool can be enhanced in multidimensional ways as per the client's need. With our tool and use of our Business Strategy, we help or clients to do Situation Analysis and always focused on our Vision Where we do Gap Analysis to offer entirely complete set of different Initiatives and projects to define and use implementation Strategy. Read More

Multi project Management

Even in medium-sized companies, there are usually more than 50 projects that occupy the employees of an organization at the same time. In large companies, there are several hundred projects. Every project is an investment that is initiated quickly, but quickly fizzles out in day-to-day business.

A coordinated process for planning and controlling the project landscape ensures that only worthwhile projects are started, that the momentum of ongoing projects is maintained, that employees are not overburdened and that the predicted benefits of the projects are also claimed.

Cost savings Program

Restructuring/reorganization programs are about short- and medium-term improvement of the earnings situation. For this purpose, the necessary improvements in results are first determined top-down by checking the company's own medium-term planning for validity and comparing it with the desired target result.

Internal Organization

Internal controls are the specific functions developed to safeguard and protect various business operations and the information produced in each department. We have ACM (Access Control Management) to restrict users to a specific location within the flow of the system.


Our tool helps in generating reports and analyzing businesses for mergers, acquisitions, and carve-out transactions for profitability. Transactional process is aimed solely on driving the members to achieve the project goal within project constraints (budget, timelines, etc.). Also, focuses on finding the optimum path to achieving business value during the project.

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Time Card Management

A time card, also called a timesheet, is a method for recording and tracking the amount of an employee's time spent on each job. A time card improves project execution, decision-making and compliance with labor and government regulations. This facilitates the time card users to report and track their assignments.

Be intentional: Keep a to-do list

Be prioritized: Rank your tasks

Be focused: Manage distractions

Be structured: Time block your work.

Be self-aware: Track your time

What Our Clients Says about Us

Cataligent supports many well-known companies in achieving their project and implementation goals.

Our Clients

Cataligent supports many well-known companies in achieving their project and implementation goals.


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Cat4's financial management is one of the most flexible on the market. It can be used for budgeting purposes, cost planning and controlling, profitability analysis, development of business cases in general, and management of cost reduction projects. The underlying concept is both straightforward and flexible. Cat4 also allows the definition of accounts. Financial transactions can be planned for each account, each point in time, and each project (or WBS element). Based on the accounts, a calculation schema can be set up that even allows for performance indicators to be computed. The aggregation of such indicators along the WBS is possible. In addition, many of the financial indicators are implemented as standard functionality, e.g. Earnings before Interest, Tax, and Amortization (EBITA).